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About Us

“Writing code is the same as writing documentation”

Within this website, InsertApps gathers various digital product portfolios that have been successfully developed. Apart from serving as documentation for the InsertApps team, it is also hoped to be beneficial to both loyal visitors and those who have ‘strayed’ to InsertApps.com.

Brief History

“Click. Read. Install” ← (2010 - 2019)

Initially, InsertApp.com was a blog containing reviews of various mobile and desktop applications developed by Fauzan My, a blogger from Aceh.

To produce high-quality application review content, in line with the tagline: “Click. Read. Install”, InsertApps had to try various Android and iOS apps and perform various tests to discover the strengths and weaknesses of an application.

However, as time passed and technology advanced rapidly, we found ourselves limited by smartphone devices to experience various games and thousands of other apps.

As a result, InsertApps in the ‘Click. Read. Install’ version went dormant for quite some time.

We’re back

“Code = Docs { Deployment }” ← (2020 - present)

In line with our passion for web design, InsertApps is back to writing code for web development, creating small applications (micro apps), and medium-scale Android applications.

Now, what do we do

InsertApps is open to taking on projects as follows:

Website development services with CMS WordPress (dynamic):

  • News portal
  • Company profile
  • Blog

Website development services with SSG Hugo (static):

  • Landing page
  • Company profile
  • Blog

Graphic design services:

  • Logo design
  • Magazine, tabloid, and book design

Android App Development Services:

  • News app
  • GPS tracker
  • Etc.

Each project is developed in line with our interests and goals:

“Write with love, minimalism, and clean code. Handcraft design obsessed with perfecting details.”

Contact Us:

Via email: [email protected]

Via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram / insertapps

A team behind InsertApps

  • Fauzan My (Founder)
  • Altaf Giebran (App developer)
  • Villar Angginda (Web developer)
  • Naufal Khalis (App Writer)
  • Cientania Chairunnisa (Marketers)