Problem solving: Hugo WARN Module is not compatible

Simply update the min_version theme with your Hugo generator version number to resolve the error message WARN Module "theme-name" is not compatible with this Hugo version

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When changing the Hugo website theme, sometimes you may encounter the error message: WARN Module "theme-name" is not compatible with this Hugo version; run "hugo mod graph" for more information on the Terminal bash screen.

WARN Module "gohugo-tema-ananke" is not compatible
WARN Module "gohugo-tema-ananke" is not compatible

This error message indicates that the Hugo theme you are using is not compatible with the installed Hugo version on your desktop computer. It also suggests running the hugo mod graph command for further troubleshooting information.

However, running the hugo mod graph command often provides no meaningful information to resolve the Hugo WARN Module “theme-name” is not compatible with this Hugo version issue.

After searching high and low, and even asking ChatGPT for help, there was no information available to fix this problem.

As it turns out, the solution is quite simple.

You just need to replace the min_version = "0.101.0" with the version number of the Hugo generator installed on your laptop. That’s it!

Question: “Where is the min_version = "0.101.0" variable located?”

Hugo theme.toml
Hugo theme.toml

The min_version = "0.101.0" variable can be found in the ’theme.toml’ file, which is located in the root folder of the ’theme-name’ that you just cloned from Git.

After making this change, run the hugo server command again.

By the way, to ensure that the min_version number matches the Hugo engine version, you can run the hugo version command. Once you know the Hugo generator version number, simply adjust it accordingly.

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